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There are a couple ways to order from 12° North Industries.  You can order using our online catalog, you can call in your order speak with one of our product specialists, or you can email your order in through our sales team at

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and all bank Debit-Cards with the Visa/MasterCard logos, we will even accept gold/silver coin or bars if you're willing to part with it. We NO longer accept first born primary payment males or partial payment ex-wives to work in our warehouses.

Ordering Online

  • Add at least one item to your shopping cart, click the cart button on the top right corner of the page, and then proceed to checkout.

  • You will be able to review your entire order before it’s final and make changes to the color, size, variation, or quantity of item(s).

  • During checkout, you would normally select shipping options*, enter payment information, and specify billing and shipping addresses.

After you have placed your order a sales order confirmation will appear on your screen, this will include your order number.  Soon after you should also receive a sales order confirmation email in duplicate.

Our current web hosting company no longer supports real time shipping .API's, this feature takes your real time typed information along with dimensional/weight attributes preset to products & items to calculate your shipping costs to the lower 48 States.


Because of this, our work around is a manually pulled, least expensive ground shipping, insured delivery option to your shipping address via separate invoice for those shipping costs for items NOT identified to be shipped for free. There may be situations where a signature may be required to protect you and your package from porch pirating. IF you should require a part be expedited, please contact by Phone: 702.781.0302 to make those arrangements.


NOTE:: Although we shouldn't have to tell people this. Please, if you can't get an immediate answer, we ask that you leave us a message via voicemail. We are a small crew currently and someone will reach back out to you as quickly as we can.. calling multiple times does not mean someone is ignoring calls, it means we are away from phones, on other lines and cannot switch over fast enough, or are in other areas where phone use is not possible.


When your order has ships from one of our warehouses you will receive an email letting you know your order has been updated. A second email with tracking details via specific courier used or selected.

For more information on expected shipping time frames please see our Shipping Policy.

Order by phone

To order by phone, you may call us at: Ph 702.781.0302.

Our phone hours are:

Monday, Thursday 0900 - 2100 PST

Tuesday, Wednesday 0900 - 1800 PST

Friday 0900 - 1630 PST

Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

After you have placed your order with one of our Product Specialists, you should receive an order confirmation at the end of the sale which will include your order number.


Since we are manually inputing your order, it is at this time we will manually calculate your shipping in the lower 48.  If your order is a Made-To-Order item or an item requiring freight that is not already been configured in the price on the product page, OR, it is an out of the country shipment, a freight item, or an added length lead-time based product, there may be a delay in your invoicing if you request an upfront quote, or you may be invoiced separately for that at a later date known to you beforehand.

In procession as with all orders, with exceptions to most Made-To-Order items, When your order ships from us or one of our warehouses, you will receive a second email with tracking details via specific courier used or selected.


For more information on expected shipping time frames please see our Shipping Policy.


Change in your order status

Occasionally, unexpected errors cause us to oversell certain items or in the off chance multiple buyers seeking a popular item.  If we do not have an item you ordered in stock we will remove it from your order and notify you by email as soon as possible. All remaining items on your order that are in stock will now continue to be shipped. If this is the case, we will not charge you for the out of stock item, any taxes, or shipping associated with that item.

Our merchandise is not authorized for re-sale (unless by an authorized dealer). In order to enforce this policy, purchases maybe limited quantities of units per style, per customer, at our discretion. Some items have stricter limits. These limits are denoted on the product page. However, there may be exceptions to this policy. Please contact us at PH 702.871.0302 to discuss bulk ordering needs. Certain restrictions may apply.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are a small company, technically 3.5 people and we all wear multiple hats.  Each of us helps in many sales roles, in the shop, emptying delivery trucks, doing follow up on orders with both vendors and customers alike.


At the very worst case we may not get to every call/email until the end of the day, if not throughout it.  You are not being ignored, we have in recent months have been making not only changes to keep up with our industry but our work loads have doubled in many aspects and we were already short handed. We apologize, but this keeps us focused in the shop and chasing down products and orders.

Q: I really like many of the products you offer but they seem more expensive?


  1. Our product selection is based upon and sold  on a Quality/Function/Customer Servicing (before-after a sale) more so than pricing constraints.

  2. Although we cannot control every aspect of materials and or assembly, we strive to support other small businesses and as many American made products as possible. Although we receive many products from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, the U.K., Norway, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and other places,.. we really try to not import anything specifically from China specifically.

  3. Most manufactures and suppliers have a MAP Pricing policy. MAP pricing policy establishes minimum resale prices – the price a consumer actually pays – for various manufacture products., every authorized dealer is kept to these policy's or else face removal. Some manufactures consider selling at anything below MAP a violation of their MAP policies and If you violate the Policy, you will no longer be able to purchase that specific product and the penalty for violating these policy's is almost always indefinite. This is why in some situations we offer FREE Shipping or FREE Installation to supplement products or items.

Q: Is this Legal?

A: This is legal. U.S. antitrust law states that it is lawful for manufacturers to adopt a policy regarding resale prices and to deal only with resellers that independently choose to follow the policy. Many companies in other industries have already implemented a similar program.

Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: As much as we favor having paper copies for parts and product references, we do not have a print catalog at this time, but all of our current merchandise can be found on our website.  Because ours and manufacture inventories can changes constantly, we cannot always guarantee stock/inventory levels by the minute. Generally our website provides the most up to date and accurate reflection of what is actually in stock but this can change upon new information.

Q: What are the lead-times on my items?

A: Production lead times vary depending on what you order and if you ordered multiple items. Lead times are stated to the best of our ability on the individual product descriptions in accordance with what manufactures tell us and they are always stated in approximation. If you order multiple items in a single order it may delay lead times slightly. While we strive to meet projected lead times, delays can occur, but rest assured you will receive your order as proficiently as possible. For more information on this and our policies please visit Here.  For order status updates please email

Q: It said Free-Shipping/TBD/Manual .API needed?

A: Any item that we can ship for free is designated on the those specific product pages.  Additionally, every product page and the cart system has an animated "POP-UP" that cannot be blocked by your browser, it's a function of the site, and in the cart itself; you have to [X] out of it to continue your purchase(s).  PLEASE READ everything pertaining to your order when making it, there is a reason why the information exists to guide you through our process and eliminate having to commit to refunds.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: If you been shopping with us for any length of time you might remember when our website hosting company did away with supporting private carriers real-time shipping .API's and since we have had to pull manual quotes for all orders requiring shipping.  We certainly apologize but we are working on addressing this issue ass quickly as we can.

Q: Can I ship to a P.O. Box

A: Generally no. All shipments must be to a physical address on file or to a commercial address that may be providing end user prep work such as painting or installation. If you live in a rural area and you are able to get FedEx or UPS out to you it will come to that address or a freight hub nearest to you. Some items can be mailed to US Military A.P.O. boxes, contact us for more information at

Q: Can I ship sliders, bumpers, extended fuel tanks to my house?

A: Not always. as the industry tries to keep up with geo-politics and economic conditions, shipping and freighting are always in flux. Things seem to be always evolving whether in costs and policies or a work-around to continue to try and save money where we can for a customer. Many changes in DIM/weight polices have occurred in private carriers like FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Trust us when we say there are complications with all of them and costs are rising too.

  1. Sliders - with some smaller vehicles like Ford Rangers, Toyota Tacoma's, Nissan Xterra's are still shipping by FedEx. Larger sliders like 5G 4Runners, RAM trucks, F150-350 Series trucks or any full size truck will ship to a freight hub nearest you which we will arrange. Other options are to a shop that may be performing the installation for you provided they have a forklift or a receiving dock.  Carrier company and address will be determined at the time of shipping.

  2. Bumpers - depending on the manufacturer are not always shipped to a residential address. They are shipped truck freight and can be shipped to a business address with loading dock or forklift or picked up at the closest freight facility to your billing/residential address if you are looking to save money. Carrier company and address will be determined at time of shipping. There are a few exceptions, such as Jeep bumpers, that do ship via Ground.

  3. Extended Fuel Tanks - in the product pages there is a provision to save money via shipping to the closest freight facility to your billing/residential address. However, they can be shipped to a residential address at an additional cost to you should you choose. These costs are also an option in aforementioned product pages.

  4. Fiberglass/Carbon fiber fenders or bedsides, Other - in the product pages there is a provision to save money via shipping to a commercial facility administering the prepping or installation of; or the closest freight facility to your billing/residential address. However, they can be shipped to a residential address at an additional cost to you should you choose. These costs are also an option in aforementioned product pages.

Q: I tried to check out and received an error notifying me that an item in my cart is sold out. What happened?

A: We are sorry you were unable to complete your order. Placing an item in your shopping cart does not guarantee your ability to purchase the item. You must successfully complete the entire checkout process, which includes our system issuing you a sales order number and obtaining a proper payment authorization. If the item is sold out before these two steps are complete you will receive an error message informing you that the item is no longer available, and that you should remove it from your cart and consider adding it to your wish-list in your members only section.

Q: Will you contact me with order updates?
A: Due to past complications and new policies being put in place we have simplified our process. Our process is much like   the high volume of work that we do, we do not typically call or email updates to customers on their order process. However, you are more than welcome to email or call for updates (email is best).

Q: Do you offer price adjustments if an item is marked down after my purchase?

A: No, unfortunately within our industry it is unknown when a supplier may offer potential savings to us that we can pass on to our patrons.  We try to keep people aware of possible savings opportunities with our sales and updates from our subscriptions list.  Special items marked down; promotional discounts, clearance items, open box, or last pieces do not often qualify for sales price adjustment.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: We are a smaller spaced shop at this time and in order to keep costs down at this time, we do not stock fabricated products.  Products are "Made-To-Order".  That said, we typically have lead times associated with specific products and we are slowly trying to shave those down.  We do our best to get things out the door as possible. IF you have placed an order on our webstore, you will receive an email with tracking when your order ships on top of some updates or collections of shipping/freight quotes, further followed by an email with tracking.


Q: Where is my tracking info?

A: When your order ships, you will receive shipping confirmation email that will include a tracking number with a link to the carriers official website(s).  Alternatively, you can also join our members section and find this information on file with your information you have on file with us and view tracking from there.


Q: Do you ship international?

A: Yes we can ship internationally..

  • Canadian/Mexico residents - We can ship to the nearest US Border location for you to pick up or we can ship to a freight forwarding company. Customer is responsible for locating, communicating directly with, and covering any additional costs for using a freight forwarder.

  • For all other international shipments, we can ship just about anywhere in the world so long as peace allows. Please contact us to arrange a shipment.

Q: Can I pick up my order?
A: At this time we are not setup to accept will-call pick-ups.  We are currently looking for the right facility as a future showroom/full-installation expansion. At that time, orders will be available to be picked up from our Las Vegas, Nevada location during normal business operation hours only.


Q: Can I cancel/return my order?

A: Please see our Return/Cancellation Policy.

Q: Do you take Back-Orders?

A: No, we do not.  We may however have options for Pre-orders for a few items. Please contact our Support team for information on possible future restocks.


Q: I missed a sale, can I still get the sale price?
A: Once a sale has ended we can no longer honor the sale price.


Q: How do I install my new products?
A: Please see our Tech Help and Install Instructions tabs on our product pages. If there is no instructions, please contact us further as we may have not have uploaded the information yet or other information may be available.


Q: What is your deposit policy for C.O.R.E. classes?

A: For some C.O.R.E. classes, we offer the opportunity to attend our classes in two ways: 1) you may either purchase a spot for the class in full and receive a committed seat in the course, or 2) Join one of our FREE classes and RSVP before the 30 day cutoff

A Deposits may be placed two months prior to the starting date of the course or paid in full 30 days before start of course date.  The final or single payment is due at the one month prior to the starting date of the course. Failure to complete final payment will result in a forfeiture of your seat. Forfeited deposits/no shows will not be refunded.



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