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The Critters That Both Create Fear And Yet Still Fascinate Us Are Coming Back...

Despite activities like ours that we can enjoy all year round. When the warmer months come awareness is heightened to natures many Eco-systems in the involvement of snakes. Now there is little need for too much concern of panic but awareness of your surroundings and habits of these creatures should be another tool in your cap of knowledge if not fascination of these most often misunderstood creatures.

Depending on where you might find yourself to be geo-located in North America, there is some arguments as to just how many snake species and where you may find them more prevalent. In my findings, I was left with the impression that there may be 71 species of snakes in the Eastern portions of North America and approximately 139 species in the Western part of the states.

There are four different species of "poisonous" snakes in North America which seem to split off into 15 different named venomous snakes. Through these species are listed as Rattlesnakes, Copperheads, Coral Snakes, and the Cottonmouth Moccasins. It is important to note, if not clarify, that snakes are technically not poisonous. Venom itself is injected, and poison is thereby ingested which makes snakes only "venomous" or "non-venomous". Unfortunately like many portions of our American language, people and now of course search engines routinely use the term "poisonous" or "non-poisonous" to describe snakes incorrectly. Since we are more apt to sticking with correct terminology for the sake of educating others and not looking for extreme exposure of appeasing the search engines directly, we will be using the correct terminology for the benefit of all and being better for it.