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2023 Toyota 4runner - 6th Gen?

Photo: Toyota Car News

It's speculated that summer of 2022, Toyota will introduce the next and 6th Generation of the Toyota 4Runner for the 2023 year. Toyota in the last decade or two has spent a lot of effort and albeit money to keep things under wraps for as long as possible, it's actually somewhat of a company practice just a bit more scrutinized than other automotive brands. And although there is no real spy photos or leaked photos of the 2023 Toyota 4Runner to date, some sources at the Automotive Press (AP) feel they have a pretty good idea of whats to come in 2023.

Still built in Japan, Toyota's Tahara Plant in Aichi, the 4Runner is made in Japan alongside the Lexus LS/GX, Landcruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, and the RAV4 which all should be noted to having a VIN thats starts with a J to signify a Japanese build which can be acquired or ordered in North America for you future RAV4 owners.