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Additions & Articles For The Monthly Newsletter

As we gain the necessary momentum that progress considers forward progression. Yesterday marked the day we enabled the the 12° North Industries blog section. This will allow us to conduct structured announcements and also archive them in an orderly fashion. It will help us help you better and connect with each of your individual needs.

We have great things lined up and by the end of this first week hope to have our first newsletter out to all of our subscribers. Our newsletter will offer:

- NEW product releases

- Product reviews

- Customer & company demo vehicles

- Some of the best local trail & camping destinations

- Trail camping recipe's

- Up coming events or SALES!

- Technical PRO tips (Trail gear, Water & filtration tips, Medical, Weather, Recovery tips)

- Relative CORE classes (First responder, Tracking, Survival, Firearms Training)

- Photography tips & gear

So we have lot of involvement, great people helping out and hundreds of beautiful places and activities for families, couples, and or just friends