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The 'Black Package' Phenomenon...

In an extreme effort to seduce would be buyers into showrooms, dealerships, even accessory shops of all types and venues [again]. All have seemingly found themselves to be on the same page of being all things typical: Make it black.

Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Ram [Dodge], Chevy/GMC among other name plates and makes are all looking to score your interests and points with the all too popular and what is in my opinion, played out theme, as an aesthetic update. Although the black on black on black theme isn't exactly a new one it was popularized back in the early 90's. Like all trends it got old and fizzled out too but just like bell bottom jeans - it came back. And yes, we get it, those new individuals looking to remain in town dropping kids off at schools, visit the malls, and the grocery stores will love it all over again.

But those of us in the real 4WD communities, people who buy off road capable vehicles for the use of camping, hunting or fishing, or more in general for use off-road. We want performance options present. And we're not talking about standing on the vertical pedal from stop light to stop light or stretching the legs out on I-40 in three digit speed efforts -- we're talking off-road performance: Better and real off-road tires, traction or articulation benefits, an increase in wading water depths, or even built in readiness to additional lighting or recovery gear. We're not even talking heavy duty bumpers here, much simpler by far.