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"Diverse Community Use Alternative" and the BLM. Your input needed for multiple land use.

The last thing we would think we would have to do is bring things to a political soap box here at 12° North Industries. Realistically we hope to never have to use this blog or any other part of  12° North Industries as an alter or podium towards political affiliations. However, when the Governments alphabet agencies are cooking up ways to ruin yours and our fun and throw up road blocks upon economical, recreational, territorial, and livelihoods in an effort to over step its bounds. well that affects us greatly.., and it will affect you too.

Who is the BLM?

Well Wikipedia states: "The Bureau of Land Management is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior that administers more than 247.3 million acres of public lands in the United States which constitutes one-eighth of the landmass of the country."

A search for things about the BLM will lend you to the descriptions that the BLM also was derived from its predecessor known as the "General Land Office", founded in 1812. Now I have found some rather interesting information based upon how on May 6th, 1812, an ACT of congress was passed 2 Stat. 729 which set aside bounty lands as payment to volunteer soldiers for the War against the British (War of 1812). Depending on who you may trust, you might agree that this was yet too another bankers war. The British even have a completely different view than the American story of course and as always, as long as both sides believe they are on the side of right.., war is inevitable.  But through various ACTS of Congress, until 1855, continued to address the needs of soldiers wishing to redeem their bounty land warrants in Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, and Arkansas. But that's another blog in itself, in another venue.

Other items of the BLM will include:

  • How many surface acres (245 M) of Public Land for the American People

  • How the BLM's Oil and gas program is a boon for the U.S. economy

  • How BLM firefighters protect public lands, wildlife neighboring communities from the threat of wildfires

  • How BLM-managed lands serve as outdoor laboratories of real artifacts

  • Awesome recreational activities abound on BLM-managed public lands

  • Public lands power American homes and business.

  • How the BLM's grazing program helps support healthy rangelands

Now, lets get into some other factors. Many of which I implore you to research these things for yourself.

According to a Congressional Research Service Report in 2010 the Federal Government owned 66.5 percent in Utah, 42.3 percent in Arizona, 81.1 percent in Nevada, 47.7 percent of the land in California, 53 percent of Oregon, 61.7 percent of Idaho. The BLM owns over 80 percent of all federal Government land making it own a vast majority of the land in the Western part of the country. *

Allegations of seizing land from several land owners, we all remember the recent dishonest tactics and actions  taken  with the Bundy's here in Nevada that gained nationwide response and attention. Adding to that the seizure of cattle and assets from owners. The Interior Departments Office of Inspector General even determined that the BLM sold horses illegally for slaughter. The BLM continues to seize private property, infringed upon the sovereignty of the local county governments, and interfered with law enforcement's ability to discharge its duties arising under Texas law among many others. Additionally in Nevada has been looming the take over of Groom Lake after the family that owned local mine property rejected a government buyout they felt was unjust.; keep in mind this family has owned this property since Abe Lincoln was in the white house (1860's)

More accusations of BLM imposing ridiculous fines against citizens as seen in the Las Vegas Review Journal report here. Or stories that just don't seem to add up like here, also in Las Vegas when you read the story line of events. One would have you think that these people act in their personal capacities vs their official capacities and have not only no accountability but seemingly Federal protection if not access to tax payers money for an unlimited yield of courtroom expense should they be taken to task lawfully and legally.

"The U.S. Constitution address the relationship of the federal Government to lands. Article IV,  § 3, Clause 2 -- the Property Clause -- gives Congress authority over federal property generally, and the Supreme Court has described Congress's power to legislate under this Clause as "without limitation." The equal footing doctrine (based upon language within Article IV, § 3, Clause 1), and found in State enabling acts, provides new States with equality to the original states in terms of constitutional rights, but has not been used successfully to force the divestment of  federal lands. The policy question of whether to acquire more, or to dispose of any or all, federal lands is left to Congress to decide.

The initial federal policy generally was to transfer ownership of many federal lands to private and state ownership. Congress enacted many laws granting lands and authorizing or directing sales or transfers, ultimately disposing of some 1.275 billion acres. However, from earliest times, Congress also provided for reserving lands for federal purposes, and over time has reserved or withdrawn areas for such entities as national parks, national forests, and wildlife refuges.

The Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 was enacted to remedy the deterioration of the range on the remaining public lands. This was the first direct authority for federal management of these lands, and implicitly began the shift toward ending disposals and retaining lands in federal ownership. In 1976, Congress formally declared that national policy was generated to retain the remaining lands in federal ownership in the Federal Land Policy Act.

The “Sagebrush Rebellion” was a collection of unsuccessful state and local efforts, beginning in 1978, to assert title to federal lands or force their divestiture. It also included efforts by the Reagan Administration and in Congress to divest of many federal lands, which also proved unsuccessful.

Legislation on federal land disposal continues to be considered. Bills for the wholesale disposal have not been introduced in more than a decade, but legislation has been introduced to limit federal land ownership or acquisition, to expand disposal authorities (at least in some areas), to sell lands to pay for other activities, and to accelerate currently authorized land sales. Because the extent of federal lands and the authority to acquire and dispose of federal lands are an enduring policy question, Congress faces continued consideration of federal lands legislation."

So how is it that a Government agency, only having the role of administration somehow start to become land grabbing thugs for an entity that is only allowed to own territories, not land or property? What gets dicey here is interpretations of the Constitution language and the rejection of about 125 years of Supreme Court decisions. The powers that be and their scholars, regardless of political affiliations, agreed that the Constitution clearly grants Washington D.C. the power to own land and that arguments saying otherwise are baseless.

We, like many rate the claim also Pants on Fire.

So why are we bringing this up in a Public Off-roading forum of sorts? The BLM has made a rare decision to update the BLM land usage descriptions.  The bottom line is that the BLM must adopt the 'Diverse Community Use Alternative' vs others. This will allow multiple use, including keeping legal off-roading on the books. If not, the Public Land could be locked up indefinitely, another attempt to keep Public off Public Lands.

At the last moment the BLM added over 700,000 acres with no Public input. Another land grab without reason.

Attached below are two sheets with information. We as well as all others involved in not only the off-roading community but the recreational communities abroad implore all to respond to the BLM and on the information below are some suggestions on what to say (in BLM terms so they understand). These are on pg. 2 under "say".

All comments are due by March 23, 2018 and can be done via email.

Unless the 'Diverse Community Use Alternative' is adapted. Future access to off-roading will be limited once again and thousands of acres withdrawn from Public use further creating a foothold in other Western States where we must all stand against them again and prevent tyrannical overreach.

Not only does the livelihoods of thousands of business owners in all forms of recreational outdoor activities suffer, you will find hunting and fishing lands absorbed as well as heavy fines imposed or even jail time for trespassing if caught on these once open public lands.

Join us and others and share to all...


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