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Review - Rover Sling Pack | by RedRock Outdoor Gear

I’ve had my Rover Sling Pack now for a little over two years now and it serves as a dual purpose pack for me in the sense it's a minimalist pack for all occasions necessary; mostly for EDC but occasionally it plays the part of a response bag on multiple levels whether hiking or unknown urban areas.

I would like to point out that not one bag is the be-all-bag for everyone. Many peoples needs will apply based upon where one may live and how the bag will be used. For some people the Rover Sling bag isn't enough to carry all the daily wares they may want to keep on hand. Where at the same time there is the individual whose happy to carry simply a knife, a flashlight, an Altoids can with a few items inside, and maybe a concealed carry piece. Great!

I tend to border on the side of having on hand for various circumstances that fill my days and nights majority of the time because of my environments and the situations they bring about. What can I say, I'm a both a minimalist and a realist.., so lets get started.

This handy little companion pack truly permits me to get through my average day without fail and as much as I could say why do I need it? I'd be lying if I said I don't have to reach into it at least twice a day at the very least.

One of the best features I think is how personable it is. For myself being my strong hand is on my right side. The ambidextrous sling is an all too important feature to not mention. I have gifted this same pack to a close friend of mine whose a left strong handed individual and he carries the bag in an entirely different manner that suits his needs very well. The sling pack securely wraps around the body well and although it can be worn even while running without swinging back and forth uncontrollably. For the ladies who may be on the busty side I do not know if the same comfort levels will be had. The strap setup allows the bag to swing around to your front swiftly for quick accessibility when needed.

The pack is very comfortable to wear and lightweight with a basic dimension of 5.5" x 11.5" x 8" which boasts its portability. I have used this pack to walk around a full afternoon at a big auto event without tiring of it as well as taking it on small 2-4 mile hikes with only exchanging in/out a few items for others if any. I will say in elevated temperature areas you will get the slightly popular sweat buildup on one side of your back if you're doing any brisk walking.

The durable build quality comes from the 600 Denier Polyester making harsh environments a bit more tamer while holding all of your gear in place. The MOLLE comes in particularity handy although i have to admit there is a time or two that prevented me from placing an item specifically where I wanted it making an item or two in a less desirable spot to get used to. Redrock Outdoor Gear does make some great MOLLE attachments that make great add-ons which notably for certain items be taken from one bag to the next for cost and simple purposes.

The fact it comes in multiple colors to appease the "Tactical" minded to the gray man is another component that's nice. Many bags are always in the typical fashion that give some the concern of not being low key. Redrock Outdoor Gear does well to alleviate this by offering many bags in not so "operator" like color schemes allowing one to remain rather civilian still.

I have opted to not make use on my Rover pack of the dual handgun magazine pouch for the purposes of being a bit more less "Tactical" or "Operator" like and a bit more plain and low key to some point. I do keep an extra two magazines inside however for obvious reasons or needs which does keep things on the down low of things. Some will be quick to point out that my placement of my knife throws all of that out of the window of course; which is the only external feature of MOLLE I use besides where I keep a Streamlight USB rechargeable flashlight slipped into for quick access.

For those of us not using the MOLLE attachment points. Redrock does NOT disappoint with numerous pockets and inside perks. There are two zippered compartments outside of the larger main compartment which has small unobtrusive zippered pouch near the top and two Velcro panels which come in handy. I use the larger one to hold a map of Nevada & the Western part of the States as well as a map protractor, a shemagh, and sometimes a back up larger flashlight and or an 11-1 tool. Depending on my day or evening sometimes both, when my needs change.

On the back of the pack is a snap closure that is meant for a concealed carry pocket which puts your firearm at close and quick access should it be needed. It holds my compact .40 well and with ease. I do think anything above carry or compact would alter interior room and or stick above the snap pocket making concealment difficult.

A typical load-out for me on the daily grind is as follows. Of course I'm not here to debate the argument of what do you need vs not need. If I wanted to argue I'd just bring up who makes the best oil filter or makes the best oil and then make a 3-ring circus out of it all.. My pack, my needs. You should be the same.

What do you carry? Let us know or share your thoughts in the comments below.

The following items (left to right):

1.) Map - Western United States

2.) Map - Nevada

3.) Mapping protractor

4.) Pocket edition Constitution

5.) Shemagh

6.) .40 Cal Glock 14 round magazines @ 2 [Check your State laws]

8.) Extra Battery for Stinger LED Flashlight

10.) Bic Lighter

14.) 2.1a AC charger for phone/other

16.) Olfa Silver knife

17.) Small telescoping magnet

18.) Automatic center punch - MAC Tools

19.) Lock-Pick tools

20.) Pair of black Sharpie markers, a yellow highlighter, and a regular pen

22.) Altoids can: Sm signal mirror, couple sm safety pins, random carabiners, cleaning cloth

25.) $40 Cash

26.) 1 gm+ of 999.99% of gold - Karat bars

27.) 1 Troy oz of silver

28.) AAA Batteries @6 - meant for Coast flashlight

29.) Emergency blanket

30.) Business cards of course

31.) Mini bottle of Ibuprofen

32.) GoPro 3 Silver W/LED screen upgrade

33.) GoPro dual battery charger and cable

34.) 32GB Mini SD cards w/adapters @4

35.) Backup mini-USB cable in bracelet form

36.) Travel toothbrush

37.) Medicated lip balm

38.) Fold up mini grocery bag (holds 25lbs)

41.) Clif bar

42.) 5hr energy drink

43.) Blue Diamond smoked almonds

44.) Kashi chewy-bar

NOT Shown:


Sales: 702.781.0302


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