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Shedding Some Light On The Subject...

One of the best items ever in older vehicles was the conscious thought of having an under hood light so you could see what was going on under there at anytime necessary. I think with the advent of what we here have termed over the last decade or two as "Closed Hood Laws" which in essence are the little by little chipping away at your abilities to maintain your own vehicle by the manufactures (and bureaucrats) without having to take it to if not a specialist, the Dealership of all places.

So the Hood light disappeared from use much by the mid to late 90's. More and more vehicles came with more complicated electronic sensors and the addition of the engine and all of its details were starting to disappear under plastic covers of all things, the oil dipstick & cap were still visible among brake reservoirs, oil fill, windshield washer fluid, and sometimes even a radiator cap in lesser complicated open coolant systems, all the things they wanted you to still worry about but we digress.