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Review - Original TDI - By Ka-Bar

TDI is an acronym for Tactical Defense Institute, a law enforcement training facility in West Union, Ohio. The TDI knife was designed by Vietnam veteran and thirty-seven year sworn police officer Lt. John Benner. Mr. Benner is the President and Chief Instructor of TDI. My review of the TDI knife is in no way meant to detract from its normal intended use of a backup knife for Law Enforcement Officers but more to share a private side of use.

It's important to note that there is several versions of the TDI, six if I can recall but the two we are going to focus on are the Original TDI [shown above] and the TDI long [shown below]. When I first purchased this knife back in 2016, I chose to use it as a smaller alternative as my EDC knife; mostly for backup protection use. When I reorganized my EDC bag [see], I chose to go back to carrying my regular EDC knife, a Kershaw branded knife, moving my TDI to the shoulder strap because the sheath worked so much better for my needs purposes. The TDI long will eventually replace the TDI Original on the Rover Sling Pack -