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NEW Product Release: Tepui Tents

In 2010, by Evan & Gabriel Currid, based out of Santa Cruz, California, the enthusiastic outdoor adventure company that offers one of the most recognized & highest quality roof top camping tents available in the market today.. Tepui was founded.

Tepui, now part of the Thule Group based in Malmö, Sweden. As of December 2018, Tepui has new owners. Thule announced it had bought the California-based rooftop tent company. “When the Thule Group approached us, the connection between the mindset, product portfolios, and the two brands was obvious,” Currid said in a press release.

In the 1950's roof-rack tents were made popular with Safari camping. Being on top of the vehicle eliminated creatures that you didn't want in your sleeping bag. It also reduced the opportunity of lions getting into your tent while raising the height at which wildlife could be observed, photographed, and or filmed. Keeping unnecessary mud and dirt out of the tent was also a nice benefit.

Another huge factor is that a roof-top-tent, or RTT, is arguably just as valuable as a camper today in the camping or overlanding community today. In addition to any good aftermarket roof top rack like the Front Runner Outfitters racks, Tepui RTT compliments them well. The good news is, you're not in need of purchasing a whole other vehicle specifically for camping, not to mention all the real estate inside the vehicle now available for other items.

Flat bottomed roof top tents are also a bit more comfortable than sleeping on the ground making it easier to get that girl/boy friend to want to be more active in the outdoors. Traveling back and forth between Nevada, California, and even as far as Michigan, We know whether its scorpions or skunks, there's a fair chance we have no worries of having to deal with them in anyway not wanted.. Should be an easy win-win with the significant other in your life and your wallet.

Now at 12° North, Industries Tepui full line of 2, 3, and 4, person tents and their accessories are available in our Las Vegas, Nevada and soon to be South-Eastern Michigan warehouse's.

Email/call your 12° North product specialist today for more information.


Sales: 702.781.0302


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