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Police Targeting YOUR Modified 4x4.. Or soon Could Be

Source: Business Insider

Dear enthusiast,

Your lifted 4x4 could be in danger. You know that your suspension lift, body lift, and taller tires would add up to some substantial ground clearance. And although it's not happening here yet, if you lived down under with our Aussie offroading mates you would never had known your truck had crossed over into the what they consider to be "illegal modification territory". Queensland police have been tasked with specifically targeting "illegally lifted" recent model 4x4s in the South East Qld.

Now you may be scratching your head and asking; "What the heck does that have to do with the price of tea in China?". As outdoors people, we always keep our ears to the ground about rights violations and the climate that surrounds it in relation to outdoor activities. So no matter what your stance may be on the 2A ticket. You're likely to have heard at some point how the U.S. should mimic the Australian gun ban law. Trust us when we say its never too far behind when similar thoughts cross borders and oceans alike and someone wants to mimic another countries regulations and restrictions of freedom..

So Queensland Police Services had completed a training detailed out as "Operation Lift" and were instructed on how to identify 4x4s that have been modified illegally, "compromising (sic) the stability of the vehicle and subsequent safety of all road users"

"The special training, recently finished in the beginning of September, comprised of theoretical training followed by two days centered on practical training." According to from sources down under.

"Approximately 35 QPS officers from across the South East Region will work in conjunction with 10 Transport and Main Roads Inspectors to stage static and mobile interception sites across the Gold Coast District."

Much like you would find a DUI checkpoint in nearly Anytown, USA. Basically you will be seeing compliance check points in Queensland in a prominent area that is well traveled by enthusiasts like you the reader and I.

Just when you thought everything in the wilderness of Australia wanted to get you!

Source: Clever individual on Facebook

By this point you really must be questioning what is the law that makes this so dangerous to the owners of these illegally modified vehicles and or other travelers sharing the road. Are you sitting down? QLD itself has some of the strictest laws when it comes to vehicular modifications, [Hmmmm.. where have we heard that kind of language before?]. In Queensland a maximum of 50mm [2.0" in] lift including tires, body lifting, and suspension lift on a vehicle with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and 75mm [3.00" in.] for non ESC equipped vehicles.

Keep in mind this puts nearly every vehicle north of 2012 as a mandatory option in vehicles and has been around since 1995 when Mercedes, BMW, and Toyota introduced their ESC systems at risk of of whats termed as a "Defect Notice". While there are no excuses for illegal modifications, the rules themselves are draconian and unrealistic by many peoples view point. We all know what the popular vehicles are and how they will be affected by these Statutory Codes being put into effect.

QLD Police roadside cheat sheet. Thanks to an down under resource and second hand or more from Facebook.

Where there seems to be a lack of prejudice on any 4x4, seems the dual cabs, likely due to popularity have been a focal point but that could be to some systematic line of thinking presently, who knows. Suspension and body lifts are not the only items they're going after. Anyone whose been in any automotive scene for any length of time knows what its like to have the citation book tallied up like a kitten playing with a roll of toilet paper. Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 owners as well Nissan Navara owners being defected for changes to wheel track, larger tires, tinted windows, and everything else that could be considered trivial including the lack of mud flaps.

Don't think for any length of time that the QPS have cornered the market on cracking down on illegal vehcile mods. The road pirates are in full force on some of these things even here in the States already as well other places in Western Australia.

There are companies being touted as offering "Stock equipment" kits with owners only being billed for the labor. Now some of you I can already see the comments box filling up with such one liners of "Well, just follow the law" and or "Keep it stock and you'll stay out of trouble" ect.. The issue arises when another (wo)man who by any and all worldly definitions being equal to you pulls the authority over you card out of his mental Yugio deck and has the audacity to tell you what and how to live simple because (s)he commands it.

Now in the U.S.A. we have this thing called a Constitution and it affords us a reminder to government of what IT'S limitations are and the understanding of whats legal or lawful - Doesn't mean they still wouldn't try to enforce it here.

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