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Police Targeting YOUR Modified 4x4.. Or soon Could Be

Source: Business Insider

Dear enthusiast,

Your lifted 4x4 could be in danger. You know that your suspension lift, body lift, and taller tires would add up to some substantial ground clearance. And although it's not happening here yet, if you lived down under with our Aussie offroading mates you would never had known your truck had crossed over into the what they consider to be "illegal modification territory". Queensland police have been tasked with specifically targeting "illegally lifted" recent model 4x4s in the South East Qld.

Now you may be scratching your head and asking; "What the heck does that have to do with the price of tea in China?". As outdoors people, we always keep our ears to the ground about rights violations and the climate that surrounds it in relation to outdoor activities. So no matter what your stance may be on the 2A ticket. You're likely to have heard at some point how the U.S. should mimic the Australian gun ban law. Trust us when we say its never too far behind when similar thoughts cross borders and oceans alike and someone wants to mimic another countries regulations and restrictions of freedom..