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Get Out And Explore... Literally!

The Ford Ranger made a comeback, the Bronco is back, there is talk of a new UTE with the Maverick nameplate, North America is running rampant with Raptors.. It shouldn't be a surprise that the Ford Explorer would receive treatments to excite those to take to the outdoors. In the last 3 years, Ford has found that Ford Explorer owners have reported a 56% increase in off-road use due to the increasing engagement to the outdoors has grown.

The 2021 Ford Explorer "Timberline" builds on the current generation of Explorer SUV based upon the 2019+ model year. Since 2004, Ford had taken the North American Explorer and taken it to a uni-body based chassis which does separate it from it's down under brother, the Ford Everest which is nearly identical with the main exception of the Ford Everest being a true body-on-frame vehicle.

The Ford Explorer Timberline is powered by Ford's 2.3L Ecoboost Inline-4 engine bringing 300 hp to task and churning out 310 ft-bs of torque directed through Explorer's 10-speed auto transmission and intelligent all-wheel-drive system. A selectable Terrain Management is standard in the options for more dialed in control, including an "off-road-specific" trail mode and deep snow/sand options.