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Okay.., So Many Of You Spoke And We Listened

That is why we're still around and that NON-camping-offroad Ex of yours isn't. Too harsh? Yea, we didn't think so either.

In an effort to improving our site and the how to in which you may interact with us without having to create more unnecessary emails hitting your inbox but yet making 6x the work for us to please you; and also keeping with our promise to not spam your inbox (We feel honesty & integrity is a best policy system here). With that, you will see our advertising change starting as of this April 1, 2019 and no.., this is not an April fools ploy.

We will be returning to the dual monthly ad campaign we began with. We are implementing a new structure within the ads, first of the month ad. The first showing more of a universal product base for use across the board for any and all matters of use or to possibly up-fit other current key items you may already be using whether for use with the same or similar great brands products. This could include items from rack accessories to kayaks or even ground tents or a knife.

Then the single but mid month ads that started this past January of 2019 will become vehicle specific ads geared towards keeping what may interests you most on you